Targeted bird species: Secretary Bird, Kori Bustard, Carmine Bee Eaters and Fish Eagle are the common bird sighting.

Sightings include: incredible sightings for cats such as lions and leopards have been a memorable experience since the place existed.  Old bull elephants are notable and permanently residing in the area flocking to the waterholes which sustain the survival of vast of wildlife during the dry season.

If there is a place with a more dramatic story, it is Savute. The Savute River has become world renowned for its mysterious disappearances that stretch over decades and sometimes to a Century. Whatever turn the Savute River takes, the dramatic change in Savute, is like night and day. The River has just returned transforming Savute yet again to a Paradise indeed. The channel has a fascinating history of flooding and drying up independently of rainy season and floods elsewhere. In addition it is a suitable place that no one would like to miss in a holiday trip. It is popularly known for its unique experience of abundance in wildlife species and beautiful landscape covered with mash of grass.